Paper on Trisecting an Angle

October 21, 2016

Dom D’Amato, a good, long time friend of mine, wrote a thesis after being challenged by “unsolvable” comments in Wikipedia and other publications about Squaring the Circle using only a straight edge and a compass. He “began a journey toward the exact solutions to four 2500-year-old Greek graphical puzzles:” Trisecting an Angle, Constructing a Nonagon, Squaring the Circle, and Doubling the Cube. Solving trisecting an angle was the key in solving three other drafting puzzles, too!

Click here for a copy of the paper.

Note that Dom has used similar principles in developing the algorithms for many RollTrack® measuring software features such as separating roll motion, eccentricity (run-out) and roundness using two probes on a rotating, cylindrical roll.

Juhani Jaske

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