Granite Rolls

Geo-Work Granite Roll Testing Service
Has the internal condition of your granite roll been inspected as well as the profile and surface finish? FMT/Geo-Work provides a non-destructive survey based on the GRRI (Granite-Roll-Radar-Inspection) method which "X-rays" the granite roll body. This internal crack/flaw inspection promotes safety and continuity of production.

Geo-Work is a consulting company established in 1986 and has specialized in internal flaw inspection of granite rolls with radar equipment specifically developed for this purpose. FMT is a leader in the roll measurement field, and inspects granite rolls with Geo-Work in the North American markets.

Geo-Work developed this survey method with the support of the Technology Development Centre of Finland, a granite roll manufacturer, and insurance companies. The method utilizes stone penetrating radar equipment and a special antenna developed for the purpose in conjunction with computer application programs for the analysis work. Today we are the leading company in this field and have surveyed over 200 granite rolls in dozens of paper mills around the world.

With the GRRI survey it is possible to obtain numerous facts about the granite roll, please see the examples of roll images on the next page. Based on the information obtained from the roll it is possible to evaluate the potential effect on the operational qualities and safety of the roll. The information recorded from the initial survey is important. For example, in a case of an accidental impact to the roll it is possible to compare the new results to the previous one for any internal changes in the images. It can then be said with certainty whether the accident caused any changes inside the roll. Follow-up surveys also enable us to monitor the development of any initially small cracks over time. Thus the surveys make it possible to improve the safety of the working environment and control risks.

Sample Radar Images