Servo Control

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The RollTrack® servo system controls the tilt infeed of a wheelhead to grind a roll with straight or crown shape, and to compensate the paths of consequent grinding passes from a roll measurement.


Farrel Two-Wheel Roll Grinder

The FMT RollTrack® servo control system installed on the left side of the above Farrel two-wheel roll grinder.

The RollTrack® Grinder option is an additional option to the RollTrack® measuring program including features:


    • Setup for grinding.
    • Set roll grinding parameters by existing controls (roll and wheel speeds, traverse), or RollTrack® option.
    • Open the RollTrack® Grinder menu and select Grind Profile (straight) or Crown.
    • Set total crown, angle, and length.
    • Capability for off center crown or secondary crown targets.
    • Set continuous infeed as needed.
    • Set end infeed as needed.
    • Set taper correction as needed.
    • Capability to dub roll ends (grind taper).
    • The servo infeed is activated by the carriage position.
    • RollTrack® computes the current crown height at each station.
    • RollTrack® checks the reference gauge and moves the servo in or out to make the wheelhead match target height at the location.
    • If an intermediate measurement is done on a roll, the measuring results can be applied to the control program to correct the grinding wheel path accordingly.


Servo - 135 side view

RollTrack® touchscreen is added to the main control panel.

PC-Display Enclosure - Typical