Saddle Mikes

Manual saddle-type roll calipers with swinging arms, a follower on one side, and a dial indicator on the other side, are the most common devices for measuring roll diameter changes from one station to the next one. The results are used to check straight profile, crown and taper. A manual system is most versatile as it can be used to check rolls on a roll grinder, on the floor, or in the paper machine. The WMG roll calipers are the most stable and accurate ones in the industry.



The deviation values from a linear gauge head, mounted in place of a dial indicator, and a distance encoder can be recorded directly onto an Ultrabook computer with Windows 7/8. Measurement results are displayed on the 13″ display of the Ultrabook as a measurement is taken.




The computer can be used as a stand alone system with roll measurement reports saved on its hard drive and printed out, or it can be supplied with an integrated 802.11 wireless network connection, and reports saved on a network server. Optional software can be used to access the reports from other computers on the network.


All the components are off-the-self items as in our systems for the machine mounted roll calipers – no custom made electronics.


The FMT RollTrack® software is the same used with the machine mounted roll calipers. The software is specifically made for roll measurements such as measuring crown, compound crown, straight profile, run-out, and roundness. Elaborate features include: change scale, tolerances, and filtering before and/or after saving a report, a single gauge roundness procedure from a T.I.R. (Total Indicator Reading) measurement, two gauge motion measurement, (machine mounted models), caliper tracking, etc.






Print a PDF brochure “Portable RollTrack®” from the Literature page.


Standard sizes of WMG saddle mikes:


  • Size 1. 100 – 450 mm / 4″ – 18″
  • Size 2. 175 – 550 mm / 7″ – 22″
  • Size 4. 200 – 850 mm / 10″ – 33″
  • Size 4S. 200 – 900 mm / 10″ – 33″
  • Size 7. 300 – 1100 mm / 12″ – 43″
  • Size 7S. 700 – 1600 mm / 16″ – 43″
  • Size 11. 700 – 1700 mm / 28″ – 67″
  • Size 12. 800 – 2000 mm / 33″ – 75″