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The FMT products improve paper production quality and paper machine maintenance operations. The products include the RollTrack® recorders, WMG/Schönthaler roll calipers, roll tracking and management database system, roll grinder services, and Geo-Work granite roll inspection service.



FMT RollTrack® makes your roll grinding operation a winner!

FMT Equipment Corporation has been in business for more than twenty-five years providing roll measuring equipment and services to the paper, steel and aluminum industries, and machine shops serving those industries. 

We design our systems combining mechanical, off-the-self electronics, and software features into comprehensive solutions based on customer needs and our expertise. A roll grinding operation is enhanced by the cutting edge measuring capabilities helping roll grinders to grind a roll to tight specs quickly. The computerized system provides measurement reports to mill production as a certificate on the quality of roll grinding. Before grinding measurements often help to troubleshoot machine problems further shortening already quick payback times and saving money in a long term.

The main products of FMT Equipment are:

        RollTrack® recording and display systems for roll calipers
RollTrack® servo controls for roll grinders

FMT Equipment offer a complete line of roll measuring hardware from saddle type calipers with a dial indicator to machine mounted models and in process gauging using the WMG hardware. FMT RollTrack® is used with all types of the roll measuring models and the servo controls can be retrofitted to all makes of roll grinders.