Roll Waviness

Waviness Measuring Instrument

All rolls have some degree of waviness on the surface due to barring, chatter, or just standard grinding. The question is how much waviness is allowed in a particular application. FMT Equipment has developed a measuring instrument with accurate electronics and recording system in order to measure the amplitude and wave length of the waviness of a roll surface. Now there are means to check and record waviness reliably and get data for analysis, and a base to set tolerances.

The waviness measuring instrument consists of a measuring head assembly, photo-electronic gage head, encoder, recording hand-held computer or wiring directly to a PC system, and a computer system with the RollTrack® software.

The following is a sample measurement report graph of barring of a super-calender roll with 4" (100 mm) wave length and .000050" (0,0013 mm) amplitude.

Picture 1. Typical Barring.

Picture 2. FMT RollTrack® Waviness Measuring Head Assembly.