Paper on Roll Grinding and Measuring

November 4, 2015

The following paper was given by Juhani Jaske in São Paulo, Brazil October 18, 2007:

ABTCP-ZELLCHEMING 2007 40th Pulp and Paper International Congress


E. Juhani Jaske, FMT Equipment Corporation, Hamden, CT, USA

Dominic A. D’Amato, Engineering Consultant, Cheshire, CT, USA

ABSTRACT: This paper describes a roll measurement system designed to measure the axial and circumferential surface profiles of rolls used in paper machines and metals rolling mills. It includes a brief description of roll grinding problems, measuring techniques, data analysis and mathematical procedures. This new, low cost system is unique in that it measures and mathematically separates: Roll Motion, Eccentricity (Run-out), and Roundness The paper also presents sample measurement results to confirm this system’s technical approach. Note that even though the information in this technical paper has been published a while ago, some competitors still make incorrect claims that, e.g., Roundness cannot be measured using a two-probe measuring principle. This paper explains how it is done with one probe if there is no motion in a work piece (roll), and with two probes if there is motion present, e.g., from bearings. Those who claim otherwise either mislead customers on purpose or just simply do not know better.

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